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August Giveaways on Goodreads!

August 12th, 2015 Laura Posted in NEWS | 7 Comments »

Summer’s almost over, but there is still time to enter a few of our giveaways on Goodreads! Remember, to enter you must enter via Goodreads. Comments on the blog do not count.

(Ends August 31th. Open to US residents only.)

New Books = New Opportunities to Win

July 16th, 2015 Laura Posted in NEWS | 2 Comments »

Feeling lucky today? Then why not enter a few of our giveaways on Goodreads! Remember, to enter you must enter via Goodreads. Comments on the blog do not count.

(Ends August 15th. Open to US residents only. You must be 18+ to enter the giveaway for Prison School)

San Diego Comic-Con 2015!

July 9th, 2015 Laura Posted in BLOG, NEWS | 2 Comments »

comic-con_logoThe Yen Press Team has arrived in San Diego we’re ready for another fantastic Comic-Con! Stop by booth #1116 to say hello and pick up a ton of free loot. (We’re listed under Hachette Book Group in the guide in case you get lost.)

We’re selling books again this year including several of our new July titles. This is a great time to stock up on some new manga or fill in a few holes in your collections.

We hope to see you at the show!

Square Enix Digital Manga Sale!

July 6th, 2015 Laura Posted in NEWS | No Comments »

Yen Press is having a sale on some of your favorite digital titles from Square Enix! Look for these limited-time deals on Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and Kobo. (Outside the US? Check your local ebook store for pricing and availability.)

GOAL! Ninja Soccer makes it’s digital debut!

June 30th, 2015 yenpress Posted in BLOG | No Comments »

NinjaSoccer_v1_000The women’s U.S. soccer team has made it to the final four, but that’s not the only reason to celebrate. Ninja Soccer makes it’s worldwide digital debut today! Check out a preview on Facebook. Good luck tonight, Team USA!

About the Story:
Living in Brazil, Carlos has a singular goal–to become the greatest soccer player in the world! His one small problem? He has absolutely no talent… But when he stumbles across two rival clans of ninja that have put their unique spin on the game, Carlos may have found the means to embrace his dream!

Purchase at:

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Last Chance To Enter These Goodreads Giveaways

June 29th, 2015 Laura Posted in NEWS | 6 Comments »

Time is almost up to enter these terrific giveaways. If you haven’t thrown your name into the hat yet, head on over to Goodreads right now.

(Ends July 7th. Open to US residents only.)

Digital Preview: NINJA SOCCER

June 23rd, 2015 yenpress Posted in BLOG, NEWS | 1 Comment »

NinjaSoccer_v1_000Are you following the Women’s World Cup right now? Do you love soccer? Do you maybe also love ninjas? If you love ninjas and soccer even a little, we hope you’ll check out NINJA SOCCER, an original Japanese manga from our friends at Lotus, Inc. This manga is brand-new and making its digital worldwide debut (even in Japan) this month!

The story revolves around Carlos, a young boy living in Brazil, who has a singular goal in life—to become the greatest soccer player in the world! Unfortunately, he runs into one small problem: he has absolutely no talent…But when he stumbles across two legendary rival ninja clans and their unique spin on the game, Carlos just might have found the means to make his dream a reality!

The first Yen Press digital volume of the series will be available wherever ebooks are sold on June 30! In the meantime, we present you with a special sneak peek!

Check it out on Facebook and Tumblr. Remember to read it from left to right…and enjoy!

Digital Preview: AWKWARD by Svetlana Chmakova

May 1st, 2015 Laura Posted in NEWS | 13 Comments »

Cardinal rule #1 For Surviving School:
Don’t get noticed by the mean kids.

Cardinal Rule #2 for Surviving School:
Seek out groups with similar interests and join them.

From award-winning author Svetlana Chmakova comes a sweet story about making friends and surviving adolescence. We can’t wait for you to meet the students of Berrybrook Middle School and are thrilled to be publishing this heart-warming graphic novel this July.

Check out the first sixteen pages on Chmakova’s Tumblr, or become a fan of Awkward on Facebook to receive updates from the author and discuss this preview with other fans.


Chmakova_Awkward_HC.jpg AWKWARD_Preview3

New Licenses Announced at Sakura-Con 2015

April 9th, 2015 Laura Posted in NEWS | 101 Comments »

Last week at Sakura-Con we made several big announcements including the addition of these popular manga series to our list:

  • Akira Hagio’s Sakura no Himegoto: Aoi Narinomiya, the last daughter of a prestigious family, suddenly finds herself the “pet” of the rebellious Kei Katsurai in order to repay her grandfather’s debts!
  • Tsuyoshi Watanabe’s Dragons Rioting: After being diagnosed with a disease that makes sexual arousal fatal, and undergoing ten years of self-control training, Rintaro’s about to face his ultimate test—an all girls’ school.
  • Izumi Tsubaki’s Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun: When Chiyo-chan decides to finally confess her feelings to her crush, the silent, strong Nozaki-kun, she knows rejection’s on the table…but getting recruited as a shoujo mangaka’s assistant?! Never in a million years!
  • Wataru Watanabe’s Yowamushi Pedal, about a team of bicycle racers: The road that lies ahead of a road racer is a long and hard one…but how much harder is it if you’re an otaku?! Join Onoda-kun and Team Sohoku on their race for cycling glory!
  • Olympus Knights and Pinakes’s Aldnoah Zero Season One: Years after a great war was waged between those who migrated to Mars and those who chose to remain on Earth, humanity hangs in the ravaged aftermath…

Additionally, as an extension of Yen Press’s digital partnership with Square Enix, we announced that we would be publishing worldwide in e-book format a number of Square Enix titles that have never before appeared in the English-language market. The first e-book titles to be published are:

  • Satsuki Yoshino’s Handa-Kun, a spin-off of the popular Bakaramon series: Handsome teenage calligrapher Seishuu Handa is admired by all his peers as the epitome of cool— too bad Handa-kun is really a pessimist who believes everyone hates him. A youthful comedy of misunderstandings unfolds!
  • Ato Sakurai’s Today’s Kerberos: The last thing Chiaki expects of a mysterious package from his father is for a girl to pop out—a girl with enough personality for three!
  • Dan Ichikawa’s Shut-In Shoutarou Kominami Takes on the World: Loner, coward, and all-around shut-in Shoutarou Kominami opens a care package from his mom expecting the usual. What he gets instead is a note cutting his allowance off! But how can Shoutarou, who hasn’t set foot out of his door in months, set himself up to find a job?!
  • Karino Takatsu’s Servant X Service: From the creator of Working!! comes a series full of four panel hijinks in the public service office building of scenic (and fictional)  Mitsuba, Hokkaido.
  • Tsumuji Yoshimura’s Unknown: Fortune favors the wise, but what happens when too much wisdom falls into the wrong hands? That’s where the “wisemen” come in.
  • Chisaki Kanai’s When a Magician’s Pupil Smiles: The story of a boy utterly devoid of emotion who must learn to what is means to feel alive. But he can’t do it alone…
  • Higasa Akai’s The Royal Tutor: The precocious Haine is ready to make his debut as a freshly minted royal tutor…but he’s going to have a lot more than tests to worry about, for his four new princeling wards seem intent on testing his patience instead!
  • Hanjiro Tsukioka and Hikaru Tanaka’s Scarlet Empire: Souzo Sagara, leader of the Sekihoutai…Kotetsu Miyasaka, Kendo student…Two different lives bound by the red string of fate, by the desire to protect and change the world, will transcend time itself to reveal a tale of the Bakumatsu era and modern youth.

Thanks to everyone who attended the panel on Saturday and came to see us at the booth! To see pictures from the show, visit us on Facebook.


Kagerou Daze at Sakura-Con and beyond!

April 3rd, 2015 Laura Posted in NEWS | 3 Comments »

This spring we’re celebrating the release of both the light novel and manga of Kagerou Daze! Based on the hugely successful Vocaloid project, this terrific series has become a major phenomena in Japan with sales exceeding 7,800,000 copies. We’re thrilled to be bringing this wonderful series to our readers. Look for the manga in stores on April 21st and the light novel on May 19th in print and digital formats.

For those of you attending Sakura-Con this week, stop by our booth (#226) to pick up a Kagerou Daze poster and a sampler to bring home with you!

Jin_KagerouDazeV1Manga_TP KagerouDaze_novelV1

Pre-order at the following retailers or wherever books are sold.

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